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Four tips for effective resource management

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Resource management is an important aspect in managing the efficient delivery of your next project. To ensure the process is systemised, keep a close eye on your resources – this will maximise the efficiency of the resources you have on hand, as well as minimising any waste.

1. Plan to plan

The planning aspect of your project is an important way to gauge what resources you’ll need on hand and organise for these to be used appropriately and efficiently. Remember, time is money so you’ll want to plan for efficient resource management.

First, identify what resources will be needed and the time period of each throughout the duration of the project. Estimate how long each will be employed and the work required at each stage, before scheduling it in.  

2. Use technology

Any aspect of the project that can be automated using technology, do so. This will minimise the risks of mistake and free up manpower to reallocate elsewhere. However, any automated procedures should be tested thoroughly to ensure there are no glitches or mistakes made, which could cost dearly further down the road.  

3. Prepare for the worst

There are times, unfortunately, when things can go wrong. Anticipate any disasters and have procedures in place to mend these should they occur. Have the resources on hand to fix any future problems, or if this is not possible, have a system in place to easily source these externally. By anticipating any future curveballs, you can have greater control over resource management.  

4. Keep your people happy

Your staff are your business’ fuel. Keep employees happy and motivated to prevent high employee turnover. By having longer-term staff on board, any project undertaken, including the resources utilised, will be more familiar to those doing the work.

As well as this, keep your door open to any suggestions from your staff. If they are executing the work, they may have suggestions on how to improve procedures for greater efficiency.

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Published on: Thursday, February 17, 2011

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