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13 steps to succeed in customer service

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  1. Humour works in advertising
  2. Think about how to best service your customers
  3. Target the premium end of the market to achieve the margins to bankroll promotional and value-added offerings for general customer base
  4. Have a system for handling complaints
  5. Solve a consumer problem
  6. Think about how you can adapt products to suit changing market needs
  7. Do the thinking for your customers and then market your bright ideas to them
  8. Leverage off the publicity effect of dealing with high profile customers
  9. Be careful about being too narrowly focused with your customer base
  10. Don't be too dependent on one big customer. If you lose him or her you could be up 'you know what' creek without the proverbial paddle
  11. Analyse the special characteristics of the users of businesses you want as your customers
  12. If you serve big customers well, it can result in plenty of referral business
  13. Be dedicated to exceptional consumer service.

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Published on: Wednesday, March 17, 2010

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