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Thursday June 21 2018

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Has Australia’s economy dodged a bullet?

Link to interest rate video

Despite the doomsday cries of the last 12 months, recent headlines bear good news. So when Peter Switzer caught up with Dr Shane Oliver, AMP Capital’s chief economist, the question wasn’t ‘What’s up, Doc?’ but instead ‘When’s up, doc?’

It seems we truly are the lucky country: Oliver says the only thing that will take us back to the March lows is a shock event. And while he doesn’t see “a rip roaring” boom for the US in the near future, he does see a recovery of sorts, and says there is a real chance we can decouple from the debt-plagued US market.

But if he’s right, is it now safe to go back into the market?

Watch the interview now on Switzer TV.

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