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Greetings from Bondi Style

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2026 is the home to postcard-ready beach days, the place where busload after busload of tourists set down, and a strip of sand ploughed again.

A Bondi morning is unlike any other – there’s a lull, a quiet expectation of things to come. Prams clutter the footpath as the bright-eyed and bleary-eyed stand side-by-side, shoulder-to-shoulder, waiting for their morning coffee.

But all of this, now, is something a little more tangible. Lisa Smith, PR woman-turned-author, pulled together Bondi Style, getting up close and personal with locals – creatives, designers, media, restaurateurs, retailers, music artists and other local identities – to uncover why they choose to work or play (or both) in this beach-side suburb.

“Living and spending time in the area made me realise what a unique and interesting place it was,” says Smith. “The street fashion and abundance of creatives in an interconnected community was something I thought should be documented while it still exists.”

While it’s her first title, Smith is no stranger to the written word, and taking her business from PR to publishing was not that huge a jump.

“It was fairly natural as I started out my career in journalism – when I was interning at Elle around 10 years ago I wrote a travel story where I interviewed locals and documented another city, and I also wrote a piece for Remix on the Kings Cross area – so you could say I have always been interested. Anyway, PR and journalism are really flip sides of the same coin so you do tend to do a lot of writing.”

The hardest part of the project, she admits, was coordinating the talent.

With all that behind her, Smith has just returned from a stint in NYC and is gearing up for her next project.

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