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Fitness by phone - The top 8 workout apps

With the right app, your smartphone can act like a virtual exercise buddy, wellness coach and personal trainer all-in-one. Exercise physiologist Andrew Cate reveals his favourite fitness apps to keep your training goals (resolutions) on track.

1. MapMyFitness

A movement tracking app that allows you to monitor over 600 types of physical activity using a GPS enabled mobile device. 

Great for runners, walkers, cyclists and more, this app keeps track of kilojoules burned, distance covered, duration, speed and route with audio alerts to keep you motivated.

Available on apple and android devices

2. Interval Timer

This app is a programmable interval timer perfect for any workout where timing is needed to manage work and rest periods. 

There are different sounds for rest, work and finish, and you can set different volume levels for background music. 

It's perfect for running, high intensity interval training (HITT), Tabata, circuits, stretching, or any other workout that requires timing.

Available on apple and android devices

3. Endomondo

A tracking app with a wide variety of extra features, such as the ability to sync with wearable devices and connect with other apps. 

With a home screen that can be customised, you can set goals, take on challenges, and share results on social media. There's even an audio coach to guide you along the way.

Available on apple and android devices
4. Daily Yoga

One of the most popular yoga apps with a variety of features, so now there’s always a yoga class within reach. 

It features yoga sessions of different durations and difficulty levels, along with an extensive yoga pose library, demonstration videos, voice instructions and background music. 

You can schedule workouts for beginners, fitness, weight loss, strength, flexibility, relaxation, balance, and meditation.

Available on apple and android devices
5. Fitness builder

Fitness builder has an expansive repertoire of exercise ideas and demonstration videos that can add variety and inspiration to your training routine. 

There are pre-set workouts for all fitness levels, along with tracking and sharing tools. 

The free version gives access to hundreds of workouts, allowing you to try before you buy. The subscription service unlocks the full fitness library, where you can also ask Fitness Questions and generate your own workouts.

Available on apple and android devices
6. Spotify Running

Part of the Spotify app, Spotify Running measures your pace and picks a song with a rhythm to suit, based on the beats per minute. 

Just head to the menu screen in the Spotify app and select the running option. Pick a playlist, and start running to the beat of the drum.

Available on apple and android devices
7. 8700

An award-winning app developed in Australia to help balance activity levels with your food intake. 

It's a great tool to keep your kilojoule intake on track, which ultimately fuels your chosen activity. There's info, hints and tips, allowing you to make informed decisions on the best food choices.

Available on apple and android devices
8. Beep Test Official Army Police

That’s right- the Beep test has gone digital! This is the same fitness assessment used by the Army and Police (and yes, it’s the one you did in high school PE), along with many sporting teams. 

Mark out a 20 metre course, and run in between, making sure you reach the line before hearing the beep. As you advance through the stages, the beeps come closer together. 

Make note of the point where you can no longer continue, which is a measure of your fitness, and a mark to improve upon next time.

Available on apple and android devices
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