The Growth Essentials

In this webinar, leading business expert, PETER SWITZER, and Bank of Queensland’s BRENDAN WHITE, share insights on planning for, funding and measuring business growth.

The topics we'll be covering:

  • Growth: How to PLAN for it. What you need to do? And where does the money come from? Peter shares the need-to-knows: how to set goals, your big picture plan, how to plan for additional staff, and more.
  • Growth: How to FUND it. We uncover the 3 key things banks look for when lending money to your business.
  • Growth: How to SUCCEED. Don’t miss these tips on measuring your growth and success. How do you know that your investment in growth is paying off?
  • And MORE!

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Brendan White

Bank of Queensland


Peter Switzer

Business Expert


12pm to 12.30pm.
3 September, 2014

Brought to you by Bank of Queensland