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Bulls on the Horizon

24 June 2009 - The bear market isn’t over, but bullish language made an appearance over the second half of March. US Treasury Secretary... read more >

Is the time right to buy shares?

29 June 2009 - Local doomsday merchants got a statistical kick in the pants this week when the OECD gave the Aussie economy a big tick,... read more >

Pull back or not?

30 June 2009 - You can’t easily live without the work of journalists but sometimes they write some crap! The most recent comes out of... read more >

Are the planets aligning?

30 June 2009 - With a new financial year ahead, how are the stock market, property and general investment ‘planets’ lining up with... read more >

Confidence is the key

01 July 2009 - If the local stock market does not fall today that will be a big surprise after Wall Street headed south following a surprise... read more >

Money in the wings

02 July 2009 - Given our big fall yesterday where the S&P/ASX 200 shed 80.90 points to finish at 3874, today’s stock market... read more >

Boom and bust

03 July 2009 - My media colleagues were alluding to a bloodbath on the local stock market following Wall Street’s tumble with the Dow... read more >

Bull market believers

06 July 2009 - The one great thing to take out of last week’s relatively disappointing run of economic data in the USA is that there are... read more >

Earnings ahead

07 July 2009 - Now for the tricky bit — will company results looming in America deliver for the optimists? That’s the question... read more >

The Dirty Harry question

08 July 2009 - Anyone with the hankering to make money out of the current stock market effectively faces the Dirty Harry question as company... read more >

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