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Playing the rally

11 June 2009 - The question I am fielding all the time right now is — how do I play this rally? A related one is about whether the worst... read more >

Why insure your child

05 June 2009 - It’s the stuff made of nightmares, nevertheless it does need to be taken into consideration. I’m stating the... read more >

Budget month

05 June 2009 - The big news during May was of course the Federal Budget. On June 3, we got ‘great’ economic growth figures, but I... read more >

No recession

05 June 2009 - It’s official — Australia is NOT in recession! And no matter what negative, doomsday merchants want to say to... read more >

In a fix

28 May 2009 - For those in a quandary over whether they should be fixing their home loan interest rates or gambling on the more volatile... read more >

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