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The Asian G7 and the pursuit of luxury - 10 April 2012

Economic power is shifting from the old Group of Seven nations (Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, UK and the US) to the new Asian G7... read more >

Virgin Australia announces Velocity Frequent Flyer division - 04 April 2012

Virgin Australia yesterday announced the launch of a separate division for its Velocity Frequent Flyer program. The CEO of this new division... read more >

Trade deficits the new normal? Record SUV sales - 04 April 2012

Consecutive trade deficits – Australia recorded a trade deficit of $480 million in February following an upwardly revised $971 million... read more >

Cautious spending but disparity across the states - 04 April 2012

Cautious consumers – retail spending rose by 0.2 per cent in February after rising by 0.3 per cent in January. In the past four months,... read more >

Rate cut on the agenda, inflation to be the deciding factor - 04 April 2012

The Reserve Bank Board has left official rates at 4.25 per cent. Last year the Reserve Bank cut rates at both the November and December... read more >

Home prices climb from floor; Petrol tops out - 02 April 2012

Home prices lift. The RP Data – Rismark Home Value Index showed that capital city home prices rose by 0.2 per cent in March to be 4.4... read more >

A solid start to 2012 - 02 April 2012

Aussie dollar is mixed. The Aussie dollar rose 2.4 per cent against the US dollar in the March quarter but eased slightly against the Euro,... read more >

Weak bank lending keeps profits in focus - 30 March 2012

Deposits up, but below trend – bank deposits with Australian residents grew by 9.3 per cent over the year to February, the fastest... read more >

Home sales crawl off 11-year lows; Lacklustre credit - 30 March 2012

New home sales rose from 11-year lows, up by three per cent in February. New detached house sales rose by 2.2 per cent in the month while... read more >

Foreign shareholding at 19-year high - 30 March 2012

Australia’s population grew by 77,681 people over the September quarter to 22,695,975. Annual population growth eased slightly from 1.44... read more >

Population steady; Losing affection with cash - 29 March 2012

Australia’s population grew by 77,681 people over the September quarter to 22,695,975. Annual population growth eased slightly from 1.44... read more >

Prudent Australia braces for challenges - 28 March 2012

The Reserve Bank has highlighted the conservative financial behaviour of households in recent years. The Bank concludes, “Few households... read more >

Petrol tops a $1.50 a litre, but likely to stabilise - 26 March 2012

Petrol price breaks through $1.50 a litre. According to the Australian Institute of Petroleum the national average retail petrol price rose by... read more >

No stress, no debt Aussies - 26 March 2012

In mid-March the Australian Bureau of Statistics released the results of the 2010 social survey for States and Territories. The results of the... read more >

China; Manufacturing expansion eases growth concerns - 22 March 2012

Chinese manufacturing expanded for the third consecutive month: The official Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) rose by 0.5 points to 51.0 in... read more >

Upbeat RBA Governor bemused by gloomy Aussies - 20 March 2012

The Reserve Bank Governor delivered a speech in Hong Kong titled “Economic Conditions and Prospects”. The speech was largely a... read more >

RBA: Cautiously optimistic as downside risks diminish - 20 March 2012

The modest improvement in global economic conditions gave the Reserve Bank reason to feel cautiously optimistic about the current economic... read more >

New report unveils firm growth in spending - 20 March 2012

Economy-wide spending is up. New figures suggest that a solid recovery in economy-wide spending is underway. The Commonwealth Bank Business... read more >

National petrol price set to top $1.50 a litre - 19 March 2012

Petrol prices are on the rise. According to the Australian Institute of Petroleum, the national average retail petrol price rose by 1.3 cents... read more >

Dollar up from seven-week low - 19 March 2012

The Australian dollar dropped to a seven-week low on Thursday last week, but has since gained more than half a cent, thanks to increases in US... read more >

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