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Share market ends week at six-year high
The share market has posted a seventh straight session of gains, taking it to another new six-year high.
Australian shares close slightly higher
by AAP The Australian share market has closed slightly higher, finishing in the green in eight out of the past nine sessions. At more >
Aussie stock market finishes week on a high
by AAP The Australian share market has closed at a two week high on the back of a strong week of company earnings and a more >
Aussie stocks higher at close
by AAP The Australian share market has closed higher thanks to strong profit performances by local companies, including more >

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THE DAILY WORD with Peter Switzer

Hang on – is this a market melt-up?
Earlier this week I thought my 6000 call for 2014 was KO'd, but now we could have a market melt-up!
Tell me something I don’t know
by Peter Switzer Nothing really significant is happening that has grabbed me but there’s a whole pile of interesting more >
Could beheading rattle the stock market?
by Peter Switzer The US stock market has put together the best couple of days in about four months and it has been more >
Dow surges! What just happened?
  by Peter Switzer The Dow ended up over 175 points, so what just happened? The expert numbers guys say a correction is more >
Here's what you should be worrying about
by Peter Switzer Believe it or not, I think the Oz economy will do OK.  However, if you need to worry (and the more >
Joe must go! Not!
by Peter Switzer Joe Hockey’s foot in the mouth disease has some calling for his replacement while Vladimir Putin has used more >
Get your focus right – the stock market is more important than Joe’s Budget
by Peter Switzer I know Joe Hockey telling poor people that they don’t drive much and that’s why the fuel excise won' more >
Ignore Negatalia and go to Positalia!
by Peter Switzer Another day in Negatalia with really good news ignored on the front pages of newspapers, so I better take you more >
Don’t miss this – more good news!
by Peter Switzer Another day of headlines and no newspaper is interested in good economic news when there are stories about jihad, more >
Stop worrying, and Joe, stop Budget bleating
by Peter Switzer There are two things I’d really like to see happen. The first is that we stop worrying about the economy, more >
Stop the presses. 109,900 jobs created!
by Peter Switzer While Wall Street has a small battle with the Russian threat, let’s look at what I predicted last night on my more >
Nothing shocking overnight, but I have Future Shock!
by Peter Switzer With Wall Street not shocking us in an uneventful night for markets, (though Italy dropped back into recession more >
20,000 Russian troops will scare stock markets
by Peter Switzer I know we’re interested in whether we can have a drink on the Manly Ferry and whether Andrew Bolt can more >
This is not gossip. It’s good news for your wealth!
by Peter Switzer What follows is not gossip. It’s not sexy, provocative nor divisive. It means it won’t be more >
Could the Australian stock market outperform the Yanks?
by Peter Switzer So what will it be this week for stocks? Up or down? Given the 69-point fall of the Dow, we will probably more >
Dow drops 300 points! Time to panic?
by Peter Switzer The Dow has shed 300 points, so is this the overdue correction that I have found impossible to let go of? Recall, more >
I'm right on the US Economy so how about stocks?
by Peter Switzer You can never be too cocksure with economies and stock markets, though the former is more >
Julia was back and hate resurfaced, but there are bigger fish to fry
by Peter Switzer My team who check out our website hits, reactions, comments, tweets, etc. tell me when I look at more >
Rent or buy? It’s a silly argument
by Peter Switzer With the major banks killing to lock people into five-year fixed rate home loans, which look cheap but are more >
Correct me if I am wrong – I’m watching the world’s most important woman
by Peter Switzer Anyone who knows me knows I don’t like to be unnecessarily negative, but I have been focused on the more >
Could the stock market melt up?
by Peter Switzer Here is an odd suggestion — what if we don’t get a correction and instead get a melt up for stocks? more >
Psst. Want to buy a cheap Aussie dollar?
by Peter Switzer Psst. Want to buy a cheap Aussie dollar? Well, you might have to wait for Christmas, and wouldn’t it make more >
Screw bad news, I’m going long on good news
by Peter Switzer With our beloved newspapers and electronic news services captured by the usual list of tragedies, more >
I had a dream! But can I make money out of it?
by Peter Switzer I had a dream! Unfortunately it wasn’t “that all men are created equal”, such is the more >
Beware everybody, good news is coming!
by Peter Switzer Imagine if we could stop giving in to our base emotions to be negative and instead we focused on the good news more >
Air crash sends stocks sliding
by Peter Switzer Well, last night on my Sky News Business program, I was looking for a rational trigger for that overdue more >
Rupert Murdoch is chasing Game of Thrones!
by Peter Switzer The Dow Jones index cracked another all-time high close and our stock market should shoot up today but the more >
USA Fed boss is still robbing us!
by Peter Switzer The US economy, stock market and our economy got good news from the earnings season but the Federal Reserve more >
Rupert Murdoch is cramping my style!
by Peter Switzer Tonight on my Switzer program on the Sky News Business Channel, I will lose about 20 minutes to recognise the more >
Could Clive's Senate antics be good for us?
by Peter Switzer I know Clive Palmer has become the Pauline Hanson of the second decade of 21st century Aussie politics in more >

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