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Australian shares close flat
The Australian share market has closed flat, with the big supermarket owners weighing on sentiment as the earnings season winds up.
Share market edges higher
by AAP The share market is slightly higher with gains in the financial sector offsetting the impact of a falling iron ore price on more >
Big miners weigh on share market
by AAP The share market has ended a seven session winning run as a fall in iron ore prices weighed on the resources sector. The fall more >
Share market ends week at six-year high
by AAP The share market has posted a seventh straight session of gains, taking it to another new six-year high. CommSec market more >

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THE DAILY WORD with Peter Switzer

Two little words move stock markets
The Dow Jones index slammed on over 100 points and it was primarily helped by two little words! Sure, you might be thinking, what two little words? So here they are: ‘Considerable period’.
Down, down, the dollar heads down
by Peter Switzer Down, down the dollar is down and it will be a boon to the economy and, eventually, the stock market. However, more >
Be a braveheart this week and don't worry
by Peter Switzer This is a crazy week where stock and foreign currency markets could really do something strange. And you won't more >
121,000 jobs created and the media ignores them! Why?
by Peter Switzer What if we created 121,037 jobs and the media either ignored this number or simply didn’t trust it? Well, more >
Warning: the media is hurting the economy!
by Peter Switzer Forget the housing bubble bull dust being spread by mates in the media — and I do mean my mates! These more >
Dates, data, Dow down, dollar down, doh!
by Peter Switzer When I got up this morning, the dollar was under 92 US cents and I thought, careful what you wish for! That more >
Unfair Jimbo and being right
by Peter Switzer Wall Street has done little — and there’s a story in that too. Today, however, I want to answer more >
A week that could hurt, or help, your hip pocket
by Peter Switzer Every economic week counts now as we try to anticipate the overdue correction of the stock market, or the next more >
Europe’s Dirty Harry pulls it out!
At last, the European Central Bank’s Dirty Harry, Mario Draghi, has pulled his finger out, or maybe I should say his bazooka, more >
Is the economy in trouble or not?
by Peter Switzer If you read headlines in newspapers, you might worry that our economy is in trouble, but if you read all of more >
Cry about super but not the mining tax
by Peter Switzer      So the mining tax that only raised a few hundred thousand dollars last quarter is going to more >
Why frequent flyer businesses are so valuable
by Peter Switzer With Wall Street on a public holiday, let me look at an issue that perplexes many people — why are more >
Testing market positivity starts this week
by Peter Switzer Despite Russian threats to Ukraine sovereignty and Middle East concerns, the strength of the US economy has more >
Not even this market could ignore “Russia invades” headlines
by Peter Switzer Not even this very optimistic, programmed for positivity stock market on Wall Street, which leads the world, more >
Why Keating hits below the belt
by Peter Switzer Two developments have pushed me to buy into Paul Keating’s characteristic hitting below the belt in more >
Team Abbott to lift for Team Australia
by Peter Switzer Apparently the Abbott Government team was called together on the weekend in Canberra and virtually told it was more >
Today you should get richer!
by Peter Switzer Stand by for another day when you get richer via your super funds, with the stock market bound to take the more >
Putin’s McDonald’s stance positive
by Peter Switzer Jackson Hole has come and gone and Federal Reserve boss Janet Yellen didn’t set markets on fire in more >
Hang on – is this a market melt-up?
by Peter Switzer Most normal people have heard of a market meltdown — we saw that in 2008 after Lehman Brothers was allowed more >
Tell me something I don’t know
by Peter Switzer Nothing really significant is happening that has grabbed me but there’s a whole pile of interesting more >
Could beheading rattle the stock market?
by Peter Switzer The US stock market has put together the best couple of days in about four months and it has been more >
Dow surges! What just happened?
  by Peter Switzer The Dow ended up over 175 points, so what just happened? The expert numbers guys say a correction is more >
Here's what you should be worrying about
by Peter Switzer Believe it or not, I think the Oz economy will do OK.  However, if you need to worry (and the more >
Joe must go! Not!
by Peter Switzer Joe Hockey’s foot in the mouth disease has some calling for his replacement while Vladimir Putin has used more >
Get your focus right – the stock market is more important than Joe’s Budget
by Peter Switzer I know Joe Hockey telling poor people that they don’t drive much and that’s why the fuel excise won' more >
Ignore Negatalia and go to Positalia!
by Peter Switzer Another day in Negatalia with really good news ignored on the front pages of newspapers, so I better take you more >
Don’t miss this – more good news!
by Peter Switzer Another day of headlines and no newspaper is interested in good economic news when there are stories about jihad, more >
Stop worrying, and Joe, stop Budget bleating
by Peter Switzer There are two things I’d really like to see happen. The first is that we stop worrying about the economy, more >
Stop the presses. 109,900 jobs created!
by Peter Switzer While Wall Street has a small battle with the Russian threat, let’s look at what I predicted last night on my more >
Nothing shocking overnight, but I have Future Shock!
by Peter Switzer With Wall Street not shocking us in an uneventful night for markets, (though Italy dropped back into recession more >

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