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Resources lead Aussie share market higher
The Australian share market has firmed slightly to reach its highest close in around six years, boosted by strength in the resources sector.
Dow closes at new record
  by AAP The Dow Jones Industrial Average has bolted to a new record as strong Intel earnings and a new IBM venture boosted more >
Aussie share market closes higher
  by AAP The Australian share market has closed modestly higher in the wake of positive leads from markets in the US, Europe more >
US stocks finish higher on Alcoa earnings
  by AAP US stocks have scored moderate gains following a solid kickoff to earnings season from Alcoa, and Federal Reserve more >

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THE DAILY WORD with Peter Switzer

Psst. Want to buy a cheap Aussie dollar?
Psst. Want to buy a cheap Aussie dollar? Well, wait until Christmas is the tip.
Screw bad news, I’m going long on good news
by Peter Switzer With our beloved newspapers and electronic news services captured by the usual list of tragedies, more >
I had a dream! But can I make money out of it?
by Peter Switzer I had a dream! Unfortunately it wasn’t “that all men are created equal”, such is the more >
Beware everybody, good news is coming!
by Peter Switzer Imagine if we could stop giving in to our base emotions to be negative and instead we focused on the good news more >
Air crash sends stocks sliding
by Peter Switzer Well, last night on my Sky News Business program, I was looking for a rational trigger for that overdue more >
Rupert Murdoch is chasing Game of Thrones!
by Peter Switzer The Dow Jones index cracked another all-time high close and our stock market should shoot up today but the more >
USA Fed boss is still robbing us!
by Peter Switzer The US economy, stock market and our economy got good news from the earnings season but the Federal Reserve more >
Rupert Murdoch is cramping my style!
by Peter Switzer Tonight on my Switzer program on the Sky News Business Channel, I will lose about 20 minutes to recognise the more >
Could Clive's Senate antics be good for us?
by Peter Switzer I know Clive Palmer has become the Pauline Hanson of the second decade of 21st century Aussie politics in more >
Forget Clive and focus on Portugal!
by Peter Switzer Forget Clive and his silly antics and expect a negative day for stocks today. And hold your breath that a more >
Palmer set to rob Budget of $42 billion!
by Peter Switzer Wall Street has turned positive again — surprise, surprise, surprise. So let’s focus on the misfits, more >
The scary earnings season in the US starts
by Peter Switzer Wall Street got the jitters ahead of the earnings season, which kicks off this morning in the USA with more >
It’s grandstanding Clive vs. the world!
by Peter Switzer I’m trying to work out whether Clive Palmer’s $9 billion hit to the Budget is more important more >
Has the Budget KO’d the economy?
by Peter Switzer Last week it was the Yanks who gave it to the stock market doomsday merchants showing that the US economy more >
The Yanks find jobs – Dow roars over 17,000
by Peter Switzer It’s a short trading week for Wall Street because of 4th of July celebrations in the USA, but investors more >
Eat my shorts: the US is defying critics
by Peter Switzer I hate to be like Nelson Muntz, that nasty kid in The Simpsons, but I just have to say “ha ha” more >
Another record close on Wall Street – I’m a believer!
by Peter Switzer Yesterday I told you about Don Luskin and his prediction that the US economy would have a “recovery more >
Stocks calm before the storm
by Peter Switzer It has been used before but let me run with it one more time — are we in the calm before the storm? Right more >
A huge week ahead for optimistic stock players
by Peter Switzer Once again Wall Street ended in positive territory and the simple story is that there is insufficient bad more >
Market seems crazy but really has a direction problem
by Peter Switzer The craziness of the local stock market continued with the S&P/ASX 200 index up 62.3 points or 1.15 per cent more >
Who actually controls the direction of our market?
by Peter Switzer Here we go again — Wall Street seems to be ignoring the Iraq issues, which were so important yesterday, more >
Gimme some positive truth!
by Peter Switzer Most of Asia’s stock market went up yesterday and the main reason cited was better than expected US more >
China good news means the good guys are winning
by Peter Switzer Yippee! Australian stock buyers were hungry for stocks yesterday and part of the good news driver was a better more >
Don't ignore the US and China
by Peter Switzer You know, it always beats me that I get more reactions when I throw my commentator’s hat into the ring more >
It’s Iraq versus interest rates and Iraq is losing
by Peter Switzer I know Iraq is heading the news. Well, it is here in France and the UK too because Sky News is my main contact more >
Why the doom merchants have got it wrong
by Peter Switzer The doom merchant Marc Faber is at it again telling CNBC that the Federal Reserve has been a disaster with more >
Higher US inflation - yahoo for Aussie stocks!
  by Peter Switzer While the world stock markets are spooked by the Iraq crisis, the good old Yanks keep buying stocks, more >
Iraq is worrying but China news is more important
by Peter Switzer Iraq remains a question mark concern but did you know that our market is actually up more than six per cent more >
Too many market questions, so few answers!
by Peter Switzer As the Budget fades into our distant memories, there is a new concern to be added to the usual suspects for more >
Who is ISIS and why are they hurting stock prices?
  by Peter Switzer Just when the economic story was looking nice and positive, along comes a group called ISIS and they more >

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