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Shares achieve sixth straight day of gains
The Australian share market closed higher for a sixth consecutive day, holding on to near six-year highs.
Tech sector losses break S&P’s six-day run
by AAPBroad selling in tech stocks pulled US markets lower on Wednesday, cutting short a six-day streak of gains by the S&P more >
Shares hit another high
by AAPThe Australian share market has hit another high after a fifth consecutive day of gains, driven by low inflation.  The more >
Share market hits near six year high
by AAP The Australian share market is trading higher in the wake of another strong lead from markets in the United States. more >

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THE DAILY WORD with Peter Switzer

Joe, are you pulling our 'Budget' leg?
All the newspapers tell us Budget pain is on the way. That's OK but it better not spook business and consumers, Joe!
Could inflation force interest rates up?
by Peter SwitzerTwo big issues grabbed my eye today. One is kind of worrying but the other is confirmation of my good advice more >
Are stocks heading up or down?
by Peter SwitzerI’m often asked by friends, family and even people in the street for stock tips and whether I think the more >
Off to the races, again!
  by Peter Switzer With the Queen’s horse set to race at Randwick over the weekend, (and its running in the more >
No pension for you
  by Peter Switzer Two things grabbed me this morning. The first is, I don’t know if this US-driven sell-off of more >
Fear put on hold – stocks rise
  by Peter Switzer Our stock market is bound to rebound today after the Yanks received a better than expected reading on more >
Market hiccup is not a drama
by Peter Switzer   No one likes to hear that the Dow is off 143.47 points as it was on Friday, and it won’t help more >
This will get ugly! Get ready to buy
  by Peter Switzer The Dow dropped 266.96 points or 1.62 per cent while the Nasdaq put in its worst showing in two years more >
Another good day for optimists
  by Peter Switzer It’s a big news day for optimists who care about money with David Jones heading to South Africa, more >
Why Xero should go up today, and why it’s good for stocks
by Peter Switzer Xero goes up today. That’s my guess, and I alluded to it on my TV show last night with Julia Lee, but more >
Could tech stocks head to Xero?
  by Peter Switzer Watch the share price of Xero today as it dropped $3.20 or 9.07 per cent to $32.10 yesterday, and more >
Dow slumps – gimme some truth
by Peter Switzer Monday seems like a great day for home truths. With the Dow down 157 points over the weekend, for no real reason, more >
Something had to give
  by Peter Switzer The Yanks are in their usual pre-jobs report anxiety mode and so Wall Street was down overnight, but more >
Stocks set to go higher! Only the USA could ruin it
by Peter Switzer The name of the main game is how good is the US economy? And the objective answer is — better than expected, more >
Optimists beat doomsday merchants again!
  by Peter Switzer It was another day in paradise for the bulls praying for higher stocks prices with the S&P 500 more >
Fed boss helps stocks spike
by Peter Switzer Wall Street has gone up again and this time it was helped by the Federal Reserve boss Janet Yellen when more >
House bubble talk all hot air!
  by Peter Switzer Beware journalists and newspapers trying to spook you with housing collapse talk. Great newspaper though more >
Tough budget – Joe, tell me it ain’t true!
  by Peter Switzer Wall Street virtually went nowhere as economic data was mixed, but nothing to make you doubt the US more >
Without Putin, stocks would be up!
by Peter Switzer Tough talk by President Obama has pumped up the pressure on the Ukraine drama and the stock market did not more >
US consumers confident, confirming my optimistic view
by Peter Switzer What did I say yesterday? In case you forgot, I invoked the memory of that Dusty Springfield number “I more >
Stock players are clueless, so let’s talk FOFA!
by Peter Switzer I could report on what happened on Wall Street overnight, but it would be just filling a page and wasting more >
War worries divides Wall Street
  by Peter Switzer The wall of worry did exactly that to Wall Street over the weekend, with Ukraine concerns and the more >
Yesterday proved the market is stupid
by Peter SwitzerYesterday’s sell-off underlined how dumb the market can be and how every significant down day has to be more >
All’s good even if stocks fall today
by Peter Switzer Stocks headed down after the most powerful woman in the world — the Fed boss, Janet Yellen — more >
No more Mr. Bad Guy Putin and stocks spike!
by Peter Switzer No more Mr. Bad Guy for Vladimir Putin and some pretty good economic data from the US helped Wall Street finish more >
The Spike Milligan question: why, oh why, the rise?
by Peter Switzer Yesterday I warned my Switzer Super Report subscribers that we faced another buying opportunity and the more >
We're in the hands of foreigners!
  by Peter Switzer The guessing of markets is ordinarily hard enough but when you have to factor in foreign leaders more >
How many jobs were created in February? No wonder I stay positive
by Peter Switzer The Russian bear Vladimir Putin’s dark shadow has been cast over the stock market, with the Dow down more >
The economy is crook says the media. Give me a break!
by Peter SwitzerAt the moment we Aussies are very whimpy while our US buddies are showing a lot of grit ignoring the worrying more >
Don’t bend to steel worries!
  by Peter Switzer “If it bleeds it leads”, and the old maxim of news outlets prevailed today with everyone more >

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