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Wall Street up, US economy up - I’m a believer!
US stocks up. US economy up. I'm not monkeying around‚ I'm a believer!
QE3 is no more and it looks like the Americans have got real!
by Peter Switzer QE3 is no more and it looks like the Americans have got real, with Wall Street only losing 31.44 points (or more >
Did the PM get the wrong speech last night?
by Peter Switzer Wall Street overnight did its part to keep key economic players positive but the question I have is: did our PM, more >
Small stock falls ahead of a big economic week
by Peter Switzer Wall Street is looking for a sign to either keep on heading up or to test the positivity of this stock more >
10 reasons to be positive on the Aussie economy
by Peter Switzer What if the Aussie economy is actually getting better and the positive prospects for a better 2015 are more >
It's earnings vs. Ebola, and earnings are winning
by Peter Switzer The Dow Jones index was up around 300 points overnight but a possible Ebola case in New York spooked the more >
The stock market fell on the Canadian shooting
by Peter Switzer The big and tragic story of the morning is the Canadian shooting of a soldier at that country’s war more >
It’s goodies vs. baddies, and the goodies are winning!
by Peter Switzer Don’t fight the Fed! It’s an oldie but a goody! It really is a complete economic disaster and, more >
Stocks up again, so why are our leaders so negative?
by Peter Switzer Positivity was still fashionable on Wall Street but I did wake up to the unusual sight of the Dow down, but more >
Dow up big time
by Peter Switzer Stand by for a great day for stocks, with Wall Street going extremely positive on Saturday morning our time. more >
Buying stocks – do you feel lucky, punk?
by Peter Switzer Once or twice a year I have to pull out my Dirty Harry line, which goes like “ do you feel lucky punk, more >
Dow down a whopping 458 points, but things changed!
by Peter Switzer I spent two hours on my morning walk with my two trusted companions trying to work out how I’d explain more >
Shut the F up!
by Peter Switzer Fortunately, the collective mentality of Wall Street was smarter than one of the country’s more >
Is the stock market headed for another fall?
Oil prices continued to slip overnight and the Dow oscillated between positive and negative territory, along with the S&P more >
What Bill Shorten could learn from Russell Crowe
by Peter Switzer This might sound weird but recent events have made me think that Opposition Leader Bill Shorten needs to take more >
Correcting the correction on a correction
by Peter Switzer Correction! My correction about a possible correction may now need to be corrected! Why? Well, try a more >
Correction – no correction. Stocks surge again!
Just when you were wondering if the Yanks were going to endure their first correction for over three years after the Dow Jones lost more >
Is this the overdue US correction?
by Peter Switzer I’ve just returned from my morning walk — two hours tackling the biggest hills we can find with my more >
Jobs and higher stock prices coming
by Peter Switzer Overnight, our dollar has gone from a level of 86.99 US cents when I did my 2GB finance report at 2:30 pm on more >
Grand final or jobs report? Go jobs!
by Peter Switzer I know in Sydney, for many, the focus is on Sunday’s NRL grand final. Rugby fans are hoping we can give it more >
Now Ebola is hurting stocks!
by Peter Switzer Fears of an Ebola outbreak in the US has hurt the stock market, with the Dow Jones index down 238.19 points (or more >
Housing bubble talk is bull dust
by Peter Switzer Today we get the latest installment on the drama that has become: HOUSE PRICES!  And a group of more >
What's important – Hong Kong protests or a five-year bull market?
by Peter Switzer Protests in Hong Kong hit Wall Street at the opening, with the Dow down 178 points. In the end, however, it was more >
Pray that good bad news comes fast
by Peter Switzer This week could be a case where good news leads to bad news that should bring good news more quickly! What? At more >
Bad news shows up, Wall Street spits the dummy
by Peter Switzer Volatility is back with the Dow down over 200 points and it means the index has had triple digit moves four days more >
Will the Aussie stock market pass or fail today?
by Peter Switzer Today is our stock market’s big test, with the Dow up 154 points (or 0.9 per cent) breaking a losing more >
Dow down! Should I worry?
by Peter Switzer Every morning journalists, economists, market experts and investors have to come up with some reasons why the Dow, more >
Stocks sliding now but fear October!
by Peter Switzer Our stock market has been on a slide in September and the main reason is that the greenback is going up. As more >
The Alibaba story says: don't give up on stocks!
Well, the week that could have been a shocker for stocks – with Scotland, the Fed, and the European Central Bank (ECB) all more >
Fight fear and stick with the banks
For anyone worrying about our stock market that lost about 2% this week, well, simply blame it on the dollar. Whatever you do, more >

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