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About us

Switzer Daily is a business, finance and political commentary website founded by Peter Switzer. Our website has been designed to cut through the clutter that exists in business and financial media and provide our readers with the information they require to make the right decisions in relation to their shares, superannuation, property, business, career, bank account, family and life.

We recognise that many finance and business related publications are produced for sophisticated investors, industry professionals or written by journalists who use complex jargon everyday Australians struggle to understand. At Switzer, our expertise is in cutting through this jargon to produce independent information accessible to all Australians.

We also recognise that some of our colleagues in the mainstream media unnecessarily focus on the negative, and Peter Switzer has always strived to emphasise the positive, when relevant, in his daily articles.

Switzer Daily provides expert insights into business, finance, investing and politics.

Our regular contributors include Peter Switzer, Janine Perrett, David Speers, Angela Catterns, Paul Rickard, Steve Price, David Bassanese and Penny Pryor to name just a few.

Each week we provide our readers with:

  • Insights and information to keep you informed

  • Expert commentary on business, finance, politics, shares, superannuation, the economy, financial markets, small business and much more

  • The daily news you need to know that impacts your shares, real estate, superannuation, investments, profession or small business

  • A wide selection of high quality videos on Switzer TV and the Mad About Money IPTV Show with Peter, Paul and Marty

  • FREE investment webinars, white papers and eBooks from industry experts

  • The ability to have your say in our interactive forums




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